Morgan County System of Services, Inc.
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Shoplifting Prevention

This program utilizes a study kit and meets weekly on Mondays from 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm for a total of six (6) weeks.  Cost of the class is $50.00 plus any other charges added during screening.  All of the material in the study kit is utilized with added material to broaden the education of the clients.  Clients learn about the laws regarding shoplifting, how shoplifting becomes an addiction, why some teens shoplift and others do not.  Shoplifting is strongly influenced by peer pressure and a growing sense of entitlement among teens.  The Shoplifting class is an effective vehicle for teaching effective and reasonable morals and values.  The class is enhanced by the use of CD's, videos, and speakers.  The last session includes a test, psychological profile analysis and risk assessment to determine if youth are at risk of repeating shoplifting.  The contact person is Leah Oakley.  Her office number is 256-350-8434 ext. 205
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