Morgan County System of Services, Inc.
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Intake Screening and Referral Services
In order to provide relevant and individualized services, clients are referred to participate in an innovative process at the point of entry and re-entry into Juvenile Court.  In conjunction with the Juvenile Probation Officer's intake process, the client meets with the Screening and Resource Specialist.  The screener utilizes tools such as the nationally recognized surveys the POSIT and MAYSI 2, client and collateral interviews, and drug screening to identify needs in areas such as mental health, substance abuse, education, vocation, and family/ peer relations. If the screening process identifies any needs or deficits, the client receives immediate referral and placement  assistance.  The screening also streamlines the intake process for clients enrolling in SOS programs.  The contact person is Cay Stamps.  Her office numbers are 256-351-4715  or 256-350-8434 ext. 216.
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